Download Shareit For PC | Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone

Shareit is software which is used to transfer files from one device to another device within few seconds.You can Download Shareit for PC (Windows, Mac), Android and iPhone by clicking on below Shareit Download button.The complete list of features of Shareit for PC is given below.You can also learn to trasnfer files with Shareit below.You can Download Shareit for PC , Android and iPhone by clicking below buttons.

Shareit For Windows

Shareit For Windows
Download Shareit for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and older version for Microsoft Windows by clicking on below Download links.


Shareit For Android

Shareit APK
You can download Shareit APK for Android by clicking on below download links.It will allow us to download videos on your Android Phones and Tablets.


Shareit For iPhone

You can download Shareit for iPhone or iPad by clicking on below Download button.Using Shareit, You can transfer files from one device to another.


Features of Shareit App

You can checkout useful features of Shareit application below.
Good Transfer Speed

The data transfer speed of Shareit is very good as compared to its alternative apps.

All Kind of Files Supported

Almost every files we use in our daily are supported by Shareit App for Windows and other Operating Systems.

Multiplatform Support

Shareit app is currently supported by multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

No Internet Connection Needed

Shareit does not need any active data plan to transfer files from one device to another.

Send/Receive Big Files

We can send or receive big files using the Shareit app in Computers and Phones.

More Features of Shareit App

There are many unique features of Shareit which are given below.You can transfer files from one device to another using Shareit at very fast speed.This one of most useful feature of Shareit is that it is supported by all kind of platforms like Computers, Mobiles and Laptops.Unlike Other Applications, Shareit creates Direct Connection between two devices to transfer data.The more useful feature of Shareit is that there is no file restrictions that means we can transfer any type of files without any problems.The one more useful feature that I like in Shareit is that it can transfer files from one device to another device at very high transfer speed because it creates Direct connection between two devices.

These are useful features of Shareit Software , We know that everything has both advantages and disadvantages.So now I am sharing disadvantages of Shareit with all of you friends.The most important disadvantages of Shareit is that it is very difficult to transfer files because of unique design and lack of instructions.The second most important disadvantage of Shareit is that after transfer your files using Shareit, you will need to reopen the connection to transfer more files again.You can Download Rules of Survival for PC running on Windows and Mac Operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shareit


What is Shareit?

Shareit is one of popular application to send and receive files from one device to another device.It is used by millions of peoples from all around the World.Using Share it, You can transfer files between Tablets, Mobiles and Desktops.I also likes to use it on my mobiles for transferring the files. Shareit is mostly used for transferring the media files like Photos, Videos and Movies.The Shareit application does not required any kind of cable or wire to transfer the data from one device to another.Shareit creates Wi-Fi Direct Connection between two devices to transfer the files higher speed.You can send the files like Movies, Music from one device to another in just few seconds.

Now days, Most of peoples use Bluetooth to transfer files easily between two devices.But it takes lot of times to transfer files from one device to another but now we have solution of slow speed which is Shareit.After installing the Shareit application, We will never face any problems related to slow transfer rate because it use Wi-Fi Direct connection to transfer files from one device to another.I know most of us want to know whatever it requires data connection to transfer files from one device to another.The answer is no, It does not require any data connection to transfer large files from device to another .You can also checkout important features of Shareit application and Shareit Download by clicking on below links.

How to Download Shareit For PC ?

If you looking for Shareit For PC then I have good news for you that you can run the Shareit application on Computers without any Android Emulators like Bluestacks.You can Shareit Download For PC by clicking on below download button.

Shareit For PC Download

Now you can download the Shareit For Pc running on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 , Windows XP without any problems.If you like this article then please share it with your friends so that they can also download Shareit for PC.If you face any problems in downloading Shareit For PC then report us.We will solve your problems as soon as possible.

How to Send or Receive Files Using Shareit

You can transfer files from one device to another device using Shareit by following below steps.

1.First of all, Open Shareit application on your first device.
2. Now click on Send button and select the files which you want to send to your other device.
3. After selecting the files, Click on Next button.
4. Now Shareit will start searching for nearby Shareit enabled device.
5. Now open Shareit on your second device and click on Receive button.
6. Now your first device will show your second device on nearby Shareit enabled devices.Now select your second device from Shareit enabled devices and files will start transferring without much errors.

Now you can transfer files from one Shareit enabled to another device without any problems.

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