Connect pokemon go pus with phone

Hii Friends Today I am Going To share with You a How to Connect Pokemon Go Plus Device with iPhone.You can Easily Pair Pokemon Go Plus With iPhone 6, 6s and 5, 5s etc.Pokemon Go Plus Device was Launched on 18 September 2016.With This All the People make the Pokemon Go Game very Interesting.The Pokemon Device is Similar like a Wrist Watch on Hand.Now You Don’t Need to take out your Phone to check the pokemon is Available near You.When you are on Drive then also Pokemon Go Plus Device can Work and Give You Notification with Light Indicator.
Connect pokemon go pus with phone

Pokemon Go Plus Device Introduction:

The Pokemon GO Plus is a small device like a wrist Watch Which can consume very low Battery.When you are on drive It Can give you notification About Pokemon.Pokemon Go Plus is developed by the Nintendo To make the Pokemon Go game more Interesting.While if you want to use this device you need to connect it with your smartphone.You can connect or Pair your device by Following given below tutorial.Also Check Pokemon Go 0.37.1 & 0.37.0 apk

How to Connect Pokemon Go Device with Your Phone:

  1. First,of all enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  2.  Now go to the main Pokemon Go Game app and click on the menu Bar at the bottom.
  3. Go to your Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Now You see an option to enable pairing for Pokemon Go Plus under “available devices”.
  5. Now you need to Click the button on your Plus pin to get it to appear on your phone.
  6. Now Tap it, then go back to the main screen.
  7. If you see the icon for the Plus on the left, and if your Plus is lit up, then you are successfully Paired or Connected with your Smartphone.

If you want to connect iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5se, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s and iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus then follow above steps.If you want to to Connect Android Phones Like SamSung Xiaomi Lg Lenova Oppo etc then also follow the Above Steps.Also Check Pokemon Go Device Compatible Error.

How Pokemon Go Plus is Work:

  1. First of All You Need to Connect Your Pokemon Go Plus Device With Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Via Bluetooth.
  2. The Pokemon GO Plus will begin blink Light and vibrate whenever you are in range of a PokeStop(Near Pokemon). Press the Pokemon GO Plus button Which is center in device to search the PokeStop for items. If you find any items, swipe or tap them to add them to your inventory.
  3. Once a Pokemon is close to you, then press the button on the Pokemon GO Plus Device to throw a Poke Ball. The Pokemon GO Plus will flash and vibrate to let you know if U were successful in catching the Pokemon or not.

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How to Connect Pokemon Go Plus With iPhone 5, 6, 7 & 5S, 6S, 7S
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