Pokemon Go Fix Error

Pokemon Go Fix Error

Recently, Pokemon Go Game is release for Android and iPhone devices.This Pokemon Go Game is breaking the Internet from last few months.In one hand, This Pokemon Go Game is very loved by peoples from all over the World and on other hand, Some peoples peoples are facing the Pokemon Go errors like Failed To Get Game Data From Servers.So today I am sharing an article which will help you to fix the Pokemon Go Failed To Get Game Data Error.You checkout more information about this error in Pokemon Go below.

How To Fix Pokemon Go Failed To Get Game Data Error : –

Why This Pokemon Go Game Error Shows ?

This Failed To Get Game Data From Server error is shown because your Pokemon Go account is banned.If this error message show then there are 90% of chances that your account is banned.But there are still 10% of chances that your Pokemon Go Account is not banned.There are two types of bans in Pokemon Go game.The first one is Hard Ban and second is Soft Ban.In Soft ban, Your account will banned for specific time depending on distance you traveled while spoofing.The Soft Ban in Pokemon Go is last from 30 Minutes to 12 Hours depending on your traveling.On Hard Ban, Your Pokemon Go Account will be permanently banned.


How To Recover From Soft Ban In Pokemon Go :

Many Peoples thinks that they can recover their Pokemon Go Account by restarting their phone and game.But it is not true.You cannot bypass the ban in Pokemon Go game.You will need to wait for specific amount of time to list the ban from Pokemon Go game.But you can also remove your soft ban from Pokemon Go by following below steps.

  1. First of all, Go to your nearest Pokestop in Pokemon Go.
  2. Flip the Pokestop Coinmore than  40 times.
  3. Done! Your Pokemon Ban is removed completely.


Is My Pokemon Account Permanently Banned ?

Currently, There are thousands of peoples are permanently banned so to check whatever your account is permanently banned or not by following these steps.First of all, Install Pokemon Go in any other Phone or Tablet.Now while creating the new account in Pokemon Go, If your Username is available to create then that means that your account is not permanently banned.

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Now You can fix the Pokemon Go Failed To Get Game Data From Server without any problems.If you face any problems then report us.We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also checkout way to fix Pokemon Banned Error.

How To Fix Pokemon Go Error (Failed To Get Game Data)
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