Shareit is most popular application in the World to transfer files from one device to another.In recent days, I heard that most of peoples don’t know to how to recieve or send files like Music and Videos from one device to another.So today I am sharing an article which will help us to send large amount of files from device to another device.You can checkout steps to transfer files to one device to another.You can also transfer files from Computers to Mobiles and Mobiles to Computers.Few Years ago, Its very difficult to transfer files from Computers or Laptops to Mobiles but now Shareit is developed which can transfer files between these two types of devices without much problems.The transfer speed of Shareit is also very good as compared to other file transfer applications.You can transfer files from one device to another device using Shareit by following steps.

Steps To Send Files Using Shareit :

You can transfer files from one device to another device using Shareit by following below steps.

1.First of all, Open Shareit application on your first device.
2. Now click on Send button and select the files which you want to send to your other device.
3. After selecting the files, Click on Next button.
4. Now Shareit will start searching for nearby Shareit enabled device.
5. Now open Shareit on your second device and click on Receive button.
6. Now your first device will show your second device on nearby Shareit enabled devices.Now select your second device from Shareit enabled devices and files will start transferring without much errors.

Now you can transfer files from one Shareit enabled to another device without any problems.If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends.If you still face any problems in send or receiving files from one device to another device then report us.We will solve your problems as soon as possible.

How to Send or Recieve Files on Shareit
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