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Play Pokemon Go in Rooted Phone : Hii Friends Today I am Going to Publishing a Guide How To Install Pokemon Go 0.37.0 in Android Phone.Recently Nintendo Company Released the Pokemon Go 0.37.0 Update Which not Supported the Android Rooted Phone.Pokemon Go is Very Popular Game Which can crossed the 5oo million plus download in Google play store.There are millions of people who are crazy for play pokemon go in their android Phone but Duo to New Update People are enable to play pokemon go in their android phone and iphone devices.
pokemon go in rooted phone

How to Play Pokemon Go in Rooted Android Devices:

This Pokemon Go Rooted guide does not require any advanced development or Android skills and will not result in any data loss or device malfunction.You Need Little bit knowledge about Android Phone and Pokemon Go.

Steps to Play Pokemon Go in Rooted Phone:

    1. First step is to install a special root only framework called Xposed. You can download the Xposed installer By Clicking here.
    2. Second You can Install Xposed by Watching the Given Video The Installation is Very Simple.

  1.  After installing the Xposed framework and setting it up, Now You can Download RootCloak by Clicking Here. RootCloak is a XPosed module that specializes in hiding the fact your device is rooted from other apps. Here’s what the developers say about it:

“Some apps, like finance/banking, enterprise, or audio/video apps will not run if your Mobile phone is rooted. This module allows you to run apps that detect root without disabling root. You select from a list of your installed apps (or add a custom entry), and using a variety of methods, it will completely and transparently hide the signs of root from that app.”


  1. After installing RootCloak, you need to enable it.
  2. You Need Enable RootCloak in the Xposed Installer app. Do this by opening Xposed Installer, going to Modules, and pressing the check box next to RootCloak.
  3. Reboot your phone.
  4. Open RootCloak settings in phone (just open the app from the launcher), and then go to Add/Remove tab. This is where you will change which apps RootCloak hides root from.
  5. If the app you want is not among the default apps, press the + button to add it. Find the app in the list, and press it to add it to the list.
  6. Exit RootCloak settings. If the app you just added was already running, then Close that App, or reboot your phone.

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Now All the Process is complete Now You are able to Play Pokemon Go in Rooted Android Phone.If You got any Problem While Running Pokemon Go in Rooted android Phone Then Contact us I will Help You.If you like our article How to Install and Download Pokemon Go latest Version in Rooted Android Phone.If you Want to Download Pokemon Go Latest version apk then Check it Above.


How to Play & Install Pokemon Go in Rooted Android Phone
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