Pokemon Uranium banned

Pokemon Uranium is the Fan Made game. After the Pokemon Go success the Pokemon Fans develop a Pokemon Uranium by spending 9 Plus Year.This Game is freely Available Every year.The Pokemon Uranium was Banned people want to know that the pokemon Uranium is really banned.The Pokemon Uranium is not officially have any company.So the Pokemon Go Creator Nintendo sends a Notification to only remove the Download Link from PokemonUranium.com Site. After the Nintendo Notice the Pokemon Uranium Developer Removed the Link from their site.And also say that You can download Pokemon Uranium from unofficial site which are manually upload to her server.So if you want to download Pokemon Uranium then Link is given below.You can download and Enjoy Game.
Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium Banned:

Pokemon Uranium is Awesome game. All the people are Crazy for that.This Game is not developed by Any company.This Game is Developed by Only the Pokemon Fans.The Nintendo Company Give the Notice to Pokemon Uranium developer to remove the Download link from their Official site.The Pokemon Uranium Team Remove the Download Links.Now Download Links are Available on Unofficial site.You can also say that Pokemon Uranium Banned for Download Link.

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Pokemon Uranium Fangame Information:

Pokemon Uranium game is developed by the pokemon Fans in the Tandor Region.There are 8 gyms and Gym leader to Train.In this game need to collect 8 badges to complete Championship.There are 13 Towns and Cites where this game is created.In this game there was story of boy whose mother is died and father was ranger.The Pokemon Uranium contains a 150 plus Pokemon Species.The game was released on 6 August 2016.The Game was Created by using RPG Maker Tool.So the Feature of pokemon Uranium is given below.

Pokemon Uranium Features:

1.The Game Contains a feature like GTS, Wonder Trade & Virtual Trainer.

2.Uranium Game Have Multiple Save Functionality.

3.You can also Play PvP match with your friends.

4.There are some other features also have Pokemon Trainer Test Nuclear Type ,New Moves and Abilities, PokéPod, Sidequests, Nuzlocke Mode ,Pokémon Speech Translator and Mega Evolution etc.

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So pokemon Uranium is not Banned it have only remove the download link.I was Also written a all article about Pokemon Uranium Like Pokemon Uranium for Android Mac Ios and Pokemon Uranium Rom Gba file etc.If you have any problem regarding pokemon uranium then contact us I will help you.If you like our article then give your Rating by clinking on Stars.

Pokemon Uranium Banned : Pokemon Uranium is Removed by Nintendo
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