Whatsapp plus download

Whatsapp Plus is a Third Party App Which is Similar Like Whatsapp Plus. Some People Also Say Whatsapp 2 to Whatsapp Plus.Whatsapp new is a Blue Purple in Color.Normal Whatsapp is Green in Color.All the People want to Download Whatsapp Plus APK and Whatsapp 2 APK So Today I am Going to Share With You a Whatsapp Plus Apk for Android SmartPhone.Whatsapp is a Most Popular Messenger App Which is Used by the Millions of User.You can Say Every SmartPhones Have Installed a Whatsapp in it.There are Lot of Many Features in Whatsapp Like Chating, Calling and Photo Video Sharing Etc.Now Every Where in World Every One Use Whatsapp Messenger To chat and Sending Messages etc.So you can Check the Some Information About Whatsapp Plus From the Given Below Link.
Whatsapp plus download

About Whatsapp Plus(whatsapp 2):

Whatsapp Plus is a Popular Messenger App Which is Similar Like Original Whatsapp APP.But in the Whatsapp Plus Have a Some More Features then Whatsapp Full List is Given Below. Whatsapp Application is Developed by the Jan Koum in 2009.After that the Jan Koum Sold the Whatsapp to Mark Zukerberg in Billion $ Deal.Now the Mark Zukerberg is Operating the Whatsapp.There was third Alternate is Also Available Which is WhatsappGB which is Not Much Liked by the People.SO that why WhatsappGB is Not Got Popular.Whatsapp 2 is Got Popular Because You can also Use it with Original Whatsapp.Now You can Easily Use 2 Whatsapp Account on One Android Phones.So You can Download Whatsapp Plus Apk or Whatsapp 2 APK etc.By Using whatsapp 2 You can run Dual Whatsapp in Your Smartphones.Some Best Features of Whatsapp + is Given Below.

Whatsapp Plus Features:

There Are ton of Features in Whatsapp Plus which is not in Original Whatsapp All these Whatsapp 2 Features is Given Below. By the Whatsapp 2 and Whatsapp + is Same Only People are Calling it with Different Two Names.So Check Below Whatsapp ++ Features.

  • In this Whatsapp Plus You can Hide Last Seen and Blue Ticked From the Chat.
  • Now You can Create a Group and Use Link on this Whatsapp Plus.
  • Voice and Video Calling is Added.
  • In this You can Send Any Type of File Like PDF, MP3 and Any Video File etc.
  • You can Use Any Theme in Whatsapp Chat Background etc And Also Use Manul design Theme etc.
  • You can also Change the Launcher icon of Whatsapp +.
  • Status Clip Board You can copy Status of any one.
  • In Whatsapp 2 You can Change Whatsapp Language Style.
  • Now you can use 225 Character status in Status Bar.
  • You can Online Forever but this app but it can consumes more battery according to Online.
  • This App also give you detail Who is Online.
  • You can also share High Quality Image and You can Also send Large videos which we cannot send in original Whatsapp.
  • You can Also create a Backup of Your history and chat when You can Reinstall it It can easily come in Whatsapp Plus.
  • There are Many Big Collection of Emojis is Added.
  • You can also change File Sharing Option in this etc.
  • And there are lot of many Features is Available Which is Not Given in Original Whatsapp etc.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus on Your Android Device:

If You are in Trouble How to Download Whatsapp Plus on Mobile Phones then don;t Worry But You can Follow the Given Below Tutorial Steps by Steps Then You can able to Run Whatsapp Plus in your Android Phone.This Method is Only for Android User it was not for iOS User.

  1. First of All Download Whatsapp Plus APK by Clicking Here or Download Here.
  2. After Completing Downloading of Whatsapp 2 Now You Need to Install it Wait for install first of complete given task.
  3. Now you can Create a Complete Backup of Chat by Visiting -> Setting ->Chats -> Backup.
  4. Then Make a Complete Backup of Your Whatsapp wait for complete a Backup.
  5. Now Uninstall Your Original Whatsapp from the Phone.
  6. Now  You Need to Install the Whatsapp Plus from Your Phone Which Apk you Have Downloaded from the Above Link.
  7. Now Open the Whatsapp Plus it Can Ask you for Registration.
  8. Now Enter Your Mobile Number and send OTP Now Enter the OTP and Click on Register Button.

whatsapp plus apk

Now Enter Your Name and Other Detail Now Enjoy Whatsapp Plus on Your Phone.

Some Important Things:

  • If You want to Install Original Whatsapp Then First of All Uninstall the Whatsapp Plus.
  • For Installing Whatapp plus You not Need a Root Your Android Phone.
  • Whatapp Plus is Fully Secured like whatsapp.
  • Yes Whatsapp 2 is Known as Whatsapp Plus.

So if You Got any Problem While Downloading Whatsapp Plus for Android Smartphones or Whatsapp Plus for Pc Windows 7, 8 and 10. etc Then contact us I will Help You.If you like Our Method How to Download Whatsapp Plus Apk or Whatsapp 2 Download then Shareit with Your Friends I hope Your Friends Will Also like it.


Whatsapp Plus APK Download – Whatsapp 2 Latest Version 2017
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